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Have you ever wondered how Pilates could help your health and wellbeing? Well why not try it out! We are delighted to be able to offer online Pilates classes. The benefits include improved muscle strength, stability and posture alongside stretching and mobility of joints. Anyone can join in and it is suited to all fitness levels. Classes will give you a full body workout with a focus on core/hip muscles to reduce lower back and neck pain.

Details of the classes and how to book are below:

- Classes will take place on Monday's (10:00am), Wednesday's (6:30pm) and Friday's (10:00am)

- The cost to take part is £30.00 for a 6 week block of classes (one class per week for 6 weeks)

- Classes will start on the week beginning April 5th 2021

- To book your space, get in touch via phone, email, live chat or our website contact form.

- Due to demand, it is based on a first come first serve basis.

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