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Lundin Physio Clinic was founded over 30 years ago by Physiotherapist, Margaret 'Rita' Lockhart.
Born in Edinburgh, Rita worked with the NHS for 21 years before deciding to make the step into setting up her own clinic in 1987. Her reasoning behind going it alone was the ever growing waiting list of patients requiring treatment.
Interest in physiotherapy started from a very early age, when her father developed back pain. They would both travel to Glasgow where her father would receive treatment and she would watch intently.
Initially setting up in Lundin Links, where Rita lived with her husband Gordon, the clinic was eventually moved to premises in Glenrothes.
Rita, a keen golfer, had a huge interest in the sporting community and the treatment of sports related injuries. 
Rita passed away in 2018, however the staff have continued her legacy and will continue to provide the excellent service that many have come to expect.

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