Lauren joined Lundin Physio Clinic in December 2020 and is one of the newest members of our team. Born in Kirkcaldy, she previously worked in Kinross before working with local football and rugby teams in Angus.

Lauren is a fantastic physiotherapist and specialises in the treatment and rehabilitation of sports injuries.



Bsc (Hons) Sports Science

Masters Degree in Physiotherapy

Trained in medical acupuncture

Pilates Teacher

Deep Tissue and Sports Massage therapist

Specialises in: Myofascial release therapy, taping, Sports injury prevention, lower back/neck pain, Tendinopathy of lower limbs, biomechanics of running



Lauren's passion for Physiotherapy came after a trip to the physio for treatment of an injury. She progressed from sports science into physiotherapy, where she holds a masters degree. She definitely believes everything happens for a reason!

She hasn't always been a fan of physiotherapy. She used to refuse to attend physiotherapy as a child when injuring her achilles as it was too sore! She is grateful to her parents for making her go!

Her interests include:

  • Football (plays for a Championship Club)

  • Long distance running

  • Strength training and Olympic Lifting

  • Yoga

  • Badminton

  • Walking her dogs